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Vintage Advertising Calendars
Antique Advertising Calendars including Pin-up Artists and Other Illustrators.  Every calendar we offer is original, authentic and old. 

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fireinsurance.jpg (47787 bytes) Fire Insurance Sign or Calendar Top. Circa 1880 -1890. 19-1/2" x 14". Color lithograph on card stock. An 8" upper corner crease, a 4" surface abrasion into subject's red cape, 2 half inch surface abrasions near upper left corner, a 1" x 2" surface strip on the left has been glued down, a 1" scrape on the flames has been colored in, wear along lower edge, a few other small scattered flaws.
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boy scouts Norman Rockwell Boy Scouts Denmark State Bank 1971 Calendar, Denmark, Wis., 45" high x 22" wide; unused. A lima bean size surface abrasion on
sailor's cap, otherwise excellent.
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Mosinee_small.jpg (4073 bytes) Mosinee Paper Mills Co. Mosinee, Wis. / The Belson Company, Green Bay, Wis. Complete 1936 12-sheet advertising calendar with a colorful Native American Indian motif. 25" x 18". Lithograph on heavy card stock & each of the calendar pages is a different sample of Mosinee paper. "In the Land of Plenty - He Never Took More Than He Needed! - Protect Our Products - Wrap Your Packages in Mosinee". Light water staining in lower area of the Scout image & below the month sheets. (To photograph this we used a glass bar to somewhat flatten this calendar, which was recently found rolled in the storage of an old country store.) Excellent condition.




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